Chess News


Chess news, tournaments, players, and games databases, as well as other chess-related content. Available in English, Bulgarian, and Russian.


Excellent chess news source about all kinds of events.

Susan Polgar's Blog

Susan is a very active blogger, her site is an excellent source of information about chess events.

Chess Servers


Excellent place to play a game of chess. Browser-based. Technically, there are lots of similarities between Chesspark and ChessBomb (XMPP, PubSub, Ejabberd, etc).

Chess Tournaments

M-Tel Masters

M-Tel Masters is an annual super-GM chess tournament held since 2005 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, sponsored and organized by the leading Bulgarian mobile network operator, M-Tel. According to the regulations, each of the six participants plays two games against every other, thus making it a double round-robin tournament.