This is the 'Rooms' tab. The list on the right shows all available rooms. Each room corresponds to a particular chess event, e.g. a tournament, or a match.

Just click on a room in the list, in order to open it in a new tab.

This is the 'Room' tab. The list on the right shows all available online chess games from this event. The games are grouped in rounds. By default, only the last round is shown. To show/hide a particular round, just click on it. Or click on a game in order to open it in a new tab.

In the upper left there is the 'Standings' panel, as well as the 'Room Info' panel. Only one of them can be shown at a time. Click on the inactive one's title to make it active.

In the lower left is the 'Chat' panel.

This is the 'Game' tab.

In the center of the screen is the chess board. Above and below it are information panels about the chess players and chess clocks.

The 'Analysis' panel is on the lower left side. It shows up to four variations which the chess analysis engine considers the best possible continuations from the current position. The best variation according to the engine is the first one. The Evaluation column contains the computer chess engine's estimate of the balance in the particular variation. A positive value means advantage for White, a negative one means advantage for Black. A value of 1.0 is approximately equal to one pawn. The evaluation of the first variation is the evaluation of the position itself.

The 'Moves' panel is on the lower right side. It is analysis-aware - the moves are colored according to how the chess engine evaluates their strength. A perfect move according to the engine is colored blue. A very weak move is colored red. Anything in between is colored in some shade shade of purple. The stronger the move, the closer the color is to blue. Respectively, the weaker the move, the more reddish the color. Tip: You can click on a variation in the 'Analysis' panel in order to explore it in the 'Moves' panel.

In addition, there are the 'Game Info' and the 'Chat' panels.

Everything is updated in real time. Naturally, the analysis appears after some delay (because it takes time for the chess analysis engines on ChessBomb's servers to calculate it after the broadcast). But you don't ever have to manually refresh - the updates arrive completely automatically, the instant they are available.